☆ Hello ~ ! ☆Welcome to my commission site. I am a hobbyist digital artist who mainly draw human/ humanoid ocs and I like taking on comms for some extra cash ^^See links above for all info, discounts, and art examples. Thanks for looking!!

All current commissions are single character per piece! Prices are in USD.Scroll down to see all types offered, a quick background guide, and current discounts being offered!You can see past commissions here.(Art examples with 2+ characters are only here to show off the art style!)


All sketches have a flat price regardless of what you choose (bust, halfbody, fullbody, chibi).
Regular sketches are mostly grayscale type. Some may have a color pop.
Sketch - $15
Sketch (flat colors) - $20
*Quality may vary


All chibies are fullbody and drawn in a simpler coloring style. Chibies will have a transparent background and a white outline (but you can request or change it to a different background type).Chibi - $35 each

Full Color Artwork

Full colored artwork of your character. You can request a specific theme/type of free or paid background type! If you don't then I'll either use a blank canvas or a free bg type of my choosing.Bust - $35
Halfbody - $55
Fullbody - $85

BG Guide

For paid backgrounds: you send me a general idea of what you may like and I'll see if I can do it! Usually BGs with simpler elements or things I can do fairly quick would be on the cheaper end, while BGs with props/ many elements featured would be on the pricier end. Any references images you may have will also help a lot!!Example: A starry sky may be towards the cheaper end, while a bedroom may be towards the pricier end.


Here are some discounts I'm currently offering! If these apply to you, make sure to note it when ordering!
*These may be edited or changed in the future
(Only use one applicable discount code when ordering; I suggest using the best possible one related to your order)-☆ MCC Characters: 10% off one full color artwork (chibi and regular; one per order) (MCC= Moe Can Change, a MyRoid (anime girl)-raising gacha based mobile game). Either send me your in game name or have at least one of your image references be a screenshot of your MyRoid.☆Repeat customers who bought 3+ pieces: 15% off next full color artwork (chibi or regular) OR 1 Free Sketch! You guys are the best ;v; Here's a treat for you~ (You choose if you want the price discount or the free sketch).

Terms of Service

Drawing Preferences

Will Draw:

  • Humans/ humanoids; Any gender

  • Single character art

  • Fan characters (more likely to draw for fandoms I'm familiar with, feel free to ask!)

  • Simple backgrounds

  • Most comfortable with teen and adult ages, maybe older adults

  • Certain edits to pre-existing OCs ( color changes, altered clothing/hair, alt outfits with image refs, etc. Feel free to ask more!)

Won't Draw:

  • Non-humanoids (furry/ animals, mechas, etc.)

  • Couples or group character art at the moment

  • NSFW/ fetishes and gore

  • Fanart of canon characters

  • Characters from text only refs or real live person refs

  • Complex scenery backgrounds

  • Fully custom designs or creating new outfits from scratch


  • Turnaround time: 0-6 weeks. Could be expected sooner than max time.

  • Payment: Paypal Invoice or Ko-fi. Payment is due when you receive the invoice or given the ko-fi link.

  • I post my art on my social media; you can list your usernames if you want to be tagged. All posted work will have a watermark. Alternatively you can request to keep the commission private.

  • If you have text references, these must be supplemental to the image references (ex. if they explain more about the characters appearance or personality, or if you want minor changes to their design/outfit)

  • All commissions are for personal use only! None are for commercial use.

Commission Process

  • Fill out and send the form. I'll respond for payment and additional questions if accepted. (I may also decline your request for any undisclosed reason if necessary).

  • I'll send the Paypal invoice or ko-fi link.

  • Once paid, I'll start on your commission shortly after. You can keep track of it on my Trello. I add progress comments onto your card as I work. You'll see them when you click on your card and look under 'Activity'.

  • A rough sketch wip will be sent to confirm character portrayal/ expression/ pose. Aside from rough sketch I also send wips of the background if there is one. Additional wips can be requested if needed at any stage.

  • Once completed I'll send you the finished unwatermarked file via Google Drive.

  • A watermarked version will soon be posted on my accounts. You have the option to be tagged.

  • If the commission was said to be private then I won't post it online myself.

Image Use

  • Your commission is for personal use only!

  • You're allowed to make edits to the art if you wish or crop it to suit icons or profile pictures.

  • Please do not crop out my signature from the full piece (this does not apply to icon/ profile pic use).

  • If you upload my art to your own social media please mention me as the artist either in text, tagging me, or adding a link to this comm site or social media page I have.

  • You can upload the art on toyhou.se if you have an account (my username is Kirbygal).

  • Please do not use the commission commercially, mint/sell the image as an NFT, nor upload to any AI image generators!

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First, make sure you've looked at the T.O.S.!
By submitting your request, you acknowledge and agree to all the info presented.
Send this form to me using any social media you prefer.
(The discord button leads to my comm server which you can join and DM me directly without sending a friend request.)
You can see my progress on Trello.You can contact me on any of these sites for questions/ comments.If you can, please leave a service review on my toyhou.se thread or on social media. Please be honest about your experience. This is optional but highly appreciated! ^^Thank you for your support!

Commission type:
Extra notes: (Be as detailed as you want)
Background (if requested):
Payment Method (Paypal email or Ko-fi):
Discount (if applicable):